7/95        CRESCENT BANK AND TRUST    New Orleans, LA  
to present            Vice President - Consumer Lending
                                Primary duties currently encompass all phases of consumer lending, 
                                        including: direction and supervision of 16 loan officers whose responsibilities 
                                        include direct and indirect lending operations located within Louisiana, 
                                        Mississippi, and Tennessee; expanding and maintaining a dealer portfolio 
                                        which currently consists of over auto dealers; reviewing all loan decisions to 
                                        ensure lending guidelines are being observed; hiring, training, and evaluating 
                                        personnel; examining trends in repossessions and auction pricess to make 
                                        necessary adjustments and modifications to the dealer program.                     

    9/93        CRESCENT BANK AND TRUST    New Orleans, LA       
  to 7/95              Loan Officer
                               Duties and responsibilities included business development and marketing; 
                                       evaluating financial statements and related information to determine credit 
                                       worthiness; servicing a dealer portfolio which consisted of 30 dealers.

    8/92         CRESCENT BANK AND TRUST      New Orleans, LA
  to 9/93             Collector
                                Duties and responsibilities included collecting payments of loan accounts that 
                                        were purchased from the F.D.I.C.; restructuring amortization schedules to 
                                        help ensure customer repayment; determining appropriate settlement amounts 
                                        based on collateral and credit worthiness.

      Experience working with Excel, Lotus 123, Word Perfect 6.0, Quicken, 
      Microsoft Word, and Windows 95.

      Masters of  Business Administration
          Loyola University, May 96 - present
            G.P.A. - 3.8

      Bachelor's of Science in Finance
          University of New Orleans, August 1992