India Cements, Ltd. is a very typical Indian business.  With a divisional management structure, managers are able to focus on an area of the business and specialize.  This specialization not only hones skills and talents inherent in the manager, but it also allows the employees in that division to acclimate and grow closer to their manager.  The divisional structure typical in most Indian businesses separates large areas of the company into units with one vice president who answers the the president and the board of directors, with India Cements employing eight managers answering to that vice president.  Dependending on the size of the company and more importantly the division itself, up to twice that many managers may answer to said vice president.

            Committees and sub-organizations are common, but mostly only managers sit on these forums.  The average employee is expected to have a bit more of a "worker bee" mentality when compared to the average American business.  While this carries disadvantages, inherent advantages show through in both long-term and short-term decision-making situations.