The Toyota Motor Company has branches all over the world. The top executives are as follows:

Hiroshi Okuda
Fujio Cho
Executive Vice President
Ryuji Araki
Takeshi Suzuki

Each division of the company is organized in almost the same way. They each have a director, sub-director, chief, and then the stuff. The stuff includes all the people that work together as a team for a particular purpose. These teams work towards research and development, production, or finance for the company. In Japan, people work for a particular company for their entire life and work their way up the organizational structure.

The Toyota Motor Company has grown to include manufacturing companies in 27 countries/locations and they deliver their products in over 160 countries. The company focuses on their shareholders and they maximize shareholder value by determining the best ways to reach long-term stable growth. The Japanese executives instill the company's philosophy of opportunity, diversity, and teamwork in the management and executive teams to relay the message to all employees. The Toyota employees stress teamwork and community involvement. Toyota Motor Company is a good example of diversity and teamwork being successful in the workplace.

The Toyota Group has three main parts: Toyota, Daihatsu, and Hino. The Toyota Group went on the New York Stock Exchange in 1999. Not only do they work together to produce automobiles, the company has expanded into other markets including auto-financing, ITS, telematics, housing, internet (Gazoo), and bio-technology.

Toyota has a very good organizational structure. However, they need to focus on the culture of the organization. Each group in each country has a different way of conducting business in order to adapt to the culture in that country. Toyota has an advantage in Japan because it is one of the largest automobile companies in the country and in the world. Japan needs this organization for their economy to continue to be strong. Toyota is also beginning to realize their future potential. The company is looking into new markets (countries) where they can find more people who are willing to work within the strategy they are implementing.

Toyota is also leading in helping the environmental opportunities within Japan and other countries. They see the need of a future plan not only for the company but also for the world. Their other future endeavors include expansion of the company, new technological advances, and an educational endeavor with the University of Chicago. Many of these opportunities are being organized by the U.S. Group, but each country has their own ideas.

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