S.W.O.T. Analysis For Doing Business In The United States:


a.) The United States is among the top two technologically advanced countries in the world.  America has a high availability of technologically advanced labor.

b.) While the United States Government does have some controls in place for the protection of the country, it has fewer restrictions than other democracies and allows for free trade.

c.) The United States is among the most politically stable in the world.


a.) Employees tend to be loyal to themselves and put the company's interest second.  This often leads to higher job turnover.

b.) There is a certain arrogance within the business culture of the United States that is not open to change according to foreign cultures. 


a.) Labor laws exist, but do not hinder employers from rewarding and punishing based on the performance of the worker.

b.) The United States promotes foreign investment and free trade.

c.) The United States economy is the strongest in the world.

d)  The population of the United States is 278 million people.


a.) Competition is fierce in the United States causing some barriers to entry into most markets.

b.) America's labor cost are higher than many other countries where cheap labor can reduce manufacturing costs.


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