Human Resource Management

It is important to create hiring practices that are open, competitive and participatory, to create a climate of trust and confidence in the management team.

It is best to create clear rules for hiring.

It is also important to create a carefully structured hiring committee whose membership changes for each new post.

This commitee should create a standard process for managing the review of candidate’s applications, for selecting candidates for interviews, and for conducting the interview process.

It has been found to be useful for all candidates to come together at one point of the process for an open debate related to the organization, the position and the technical content of the position. This facilitates each candidates understanding of their standing in the process.

Short listing of the candidates is done by the committee. After the final round of interviews, which may include the highest level manager appropriate for involvement in the process, a recommendation is made by the committee.

The recommendation may be either accepted or rejected by management. If accepted, the burden of the new recruit’s success in the job falls to the committee, and the manager’s decision is never attributed to favoritism or personal interests.

These are relatively new practices, currently being introduced, because historically nepotism, favoritism and non-transparent human resources and staffing practices rule the day in Nicaragua. However, there is a growing awareness that this breeds discontent and is a violation of worker’s rights. This awareness is accompanied by an increasingly organized movement to do away with these practices.