Local Customs & Traditions

Nicaraguan culture has been criticized for the seemingly little work that is done compared to the amount of play. As with all stereotypes, there is a little truth to this statement. Nicaraguans take their holidays, vacations, and parties seriously.

Holy Week, or Semana Santa as it is called locally, is celebrated the week leading up to Easter Sunday. Every year most of the population heads to the nation’s beaches, and all business is put on hold throughout the week. The cities, especially Managua, become virtual ghost towns from the Wednesday through Sunday of this week.

Other large celebrations involve the patron saints of each community. These are celebrated at different times in each of the towns or cities, and in Managua most businesses are closed for the Santo Domingo celebrations on the 1st and 10th of each August. These include large horse parades, where wealthy landowners display their best horses through the streets, and religious processions through the cities.