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Company History      

Calapami Communications was started in 2001 when the Vipsa Group bought the Kusabi Corporation because they wanted to diversify their portfolio. Vipsa Group is also involved in industries such as textiles and toy manufacturing.

Before the Vipsa group bought Kusabi Corporation, they outsourced Anderson Consulting to perform and independent internal audit on the company. The records presented to the Vipsa Group suggested that the company was in good financial and managerial standings. However, the research was misleading. This was the cause for the initial problems of Calapami Communications.


Industry Background

The industry where we, Calapami Communications, compete is composed of eight competitors that provide different quality of the same product, 25 and 27 inch TVs. In the US, these are the sizes most commonly sold. The 25 TV are often used as secondary sets in larger bedrooms or dens. In contrast, the 27 TVs provide customers with more features and advanced technology.