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Letter to Shareholders

            Ever since the beginning, Calapami Communications has had a rough time with its finances.  When the Vipsa Group bought Kusabi we had misleading information according to how well the company was doing. For the past two years, the Vipsa Group, in an attempt to salvage Calapami Communications have been doing intensive research on the causes of the problems.

            It is imperative for our shareholders, as well as our stakeholders, to know that the reasons behind Calapamiís unfavorable financial standings have been found and that the companyís management is now entirely dedicated to solving such problems. It is of essence to say that action has already been taken and that the results can be seen from the companyís improvement in Quarter 2, 2005. However, improvement isnít perfection and the Calapami management has this present; hence their motivation to strive for continuous progress. It is of up most importance for our Board of Directors, and our management, that this companyís integrity be reinstated and that its performance for the next year show a 150% improvement.

            Calapami Communications also wants to inform you of our future plans. We are now developing a new, state of the art low cost, flat screen TV that we are confident will become a leader in our market segment. We are also planning on growing on the basis of strategic partnerships and by taking advantage of opportunities in global markets such as Germany and Japan. 

            We continue to work hard to build a great tomorrow for Calapami Communications. We appreciate your support and we look forward to a bright and promising future. In hopes that this letter provides you with the information necessary for you to be up to date with our happenings;

Sincerely Yours,

MGeller-Bing                                                                           JoeyTribbiani

Monica Geller-Bing                                                         Joey Tribbiani

Chairman                                                                          President