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Notes to 2005 Financial Statements

1. The company's consolidated financial statements are prepared in conformity with United States

    generally accepted accounting principles.

2.  Inventories are stated at the cost, determined by identified cost for finished products and work in

3.  Property, plant and equipment is stated at cost. Depreciation of plant, property, and equipment is calculated by the straight-line method over the estimated lives.

4. For the purpose of the statements of cash flows, the Company considers all highly liquid investments that are readily convertible into cash and/or mature within three months or less to be cash equivalents.

5.    Finance leases of the Companies other than those where ownership of the lease assets is transferred to the lessee, are accounted for as operating leases.

6.    Net loss for the year equaled


Notes to Pro Forma Statements

1.    Subassembly inventory problem was fixed, thus increasing production and sales. In 2006, revenues increased by 60%. In 2007, revenues increased by 20%. And in 2008, revenues increased by 20%.

2.    Advertising expenses were increased due to launch of new 37 inch plasma HDTV compatible TV.

3.    Inventory charges decreased significantly due to less subassembly inventory held from quarter to quarter.

4.    Shipping charges increased due to an increase in sales.

5.    Research and Development increased significantly due to new development of a product.

6.    Quality Control expenses increased to insure a higher level of quality in our products.

7.    Overdraft interest charges decreased in 2007 and 2008.

8.    Net losses were reported for the years 2006 and 2007.  In 2008, net income of $639,059 may be reported.

9.    No cash is reported on our balance sheets due to a large overdraft. Our cash goes directly to the payment of the debt.

10.Our overdraft will have decreased from $23 million dollars to $16 million dollars.